The World of Sue Kreitzman

A Sampling of Paintings, Drawings, and Nail Varnish Paintings

Quote and work by Sue Kreitzman

"If you hang out with us, you may experience epiphanies, revelations and visions.

Visit us and you might burst into art, aflame with colour, exaltation and obsessive creativity. We are Outsider Artists, working far beyond the margins of the conventional art world. Untutored, obsessive, producing art for our own pleasure and therapy, inventing techniques, scavenging for unexpected materials, we are united in our need to express beliefs, angst, political and spiritual views, through art.

View our passionate work and you may experience a strong urge to begin making art by any means possible. The streets are full of seductive rubbish. Inspiration is everywhere. Anyone can make art of anything!

We are Outsider Artists... We will change your life."